Mission, Vision and Values
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Mission, Vision and Values

At Mothercraft, we believe that, regardless of where children begin in life, they are on a path to reach their full potential - this philosophy is reflected in everything we do and is articulated in our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our work is guided by the following and our Commitment to Excellence:

Mission – What we aspire to

To support healthy child development and strengthen families.

Vision – What we're committed to

Every family has the knowledge and support they need to provide a loving environment in which their child is able to thrive. Every professional who works with families is confident in their skills and committed to providing the highest quality services to their communities.

Values – What we believe

Mothercraft is committed to delivering its programs and services based on evidence, research and current best practices. As a result, our work is rooted in a framework that is built upon three theories – attachment, relational and developmental - to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards of service delivery. This commitment is articulated in a set of values that encompass all that we do:

The first 3 years matter

We believe that infancy and early childhood are critical periods in every child's life and that healthy attachments are the foundation of healthy development.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in diversity and practice inclusion to ensure that each child and every family is accepted for who they are.

Partnership & Leadership

We believe in working collaboratively with our community partners to strengthen communities and build a system of services in which children and families are at the centre.

Professional Excellence

We believe that fostering strong, positive working relationships are integral to our commitment to our staff and are fundamental to the provision of high quality services. We believe in accountability and integrity in all our relationships.

Approved by the Mothercraft Board of Directors on September 30, 2013.