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Parent-Infant Program

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Parent-Infant Program

Mothercraft's Parent-Infant Program (PIP) is an Infant Development Program aimed at supporting the healthy development of infants and young children "at risk" due to biological and psychosocial issues. Through home-based and centre-based early intervention services, the Parent-Infant Program is aimed at providing support to parents who are experiencing problems with substance abuse and related issues, and their young children who may be affected by prenatal substance exposure. As a partner in Breaking the Cycle, the Parent-Infant Program promotes optimal child development through the enhancement of the quality of parent-child interactions and parenting skills. The program is available to families living in Toronto.

Program Objectives:

  • To identify and promote early identification of children with biological and psychosocial risks to development due to substance exposure and related issues
  • To increase parents' capacities to identify and support their young child(ren)'s developmental needs and well-being.
  • To enhance and promote the establishment of a positive and secure relationship between parent and child, that facilitates the positive development and well-being of the child.
  • To decrease the isolation of families with infants and children (0-6 years) who face biological and psychosocial risks to their development