How to Complete the ECE Diploma?
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How to Complete the ECE Diploma?

At Mothercraft College of Early Childhood Education, the academic semester begins in August with an in-depth orientation. As a one year intensive ECE diploma program, it is imperative for students to:

  • attend the orientation;
  • adhere to all Mothercraft College of Early Childhood Education academic policies, and applicable funding requirements;
  • obtain valid standard first aid and CPR, Medical Certificate completed by physician;
  • obtain Clear Police Reference Check;
  • attend all subsequent classes and internships from August to August;
  • maintain academic status; and
  • be punctual; practice professional etiquette.

Adherence to all of the above will ensure students graduate with an Ontario approved ECE diploma, ready for registration with the College of Early Childhood Educators, Ontario to become an RECE.

For additional information on important student resources including academic calendar, forms and policies, textbooks and student handbook and placement manuals, click here.

Grant/Funding Opportunities are available for students based on individual eligibility requirements. For more information, please contact the front office at: 416.483.0511.