Children & Youth Services Information System (CYSIS)
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Children & Youth Services Information System (CYSIS)

CYSIS offers an integrated solution for data collection, management and reporting for Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) Transfer Payment agencies.

CYSIS provides a secure web-based approach to using data to maximize care, reduce duplication, optimize programming and meet the detailed requirements of funding partners.

The CYSIS support team works with each agency to expand and modify the CYSIS framework to meet evolving needs for data management and secure information sharing between agencies.

The cost-effective CYSIS annual agency fee includes all customization, report building, initial data migration, security, hosting, backups, ongoing development, troubleshooting and hands-on training for local administrators and end users.

"With CYSIS you can customize many features. As a result we have been able to streamline data entry for staff and I also get the reports I need at a management level. Mothercraft encouraged us from the beginning to think about what we really wanted the system to be and then they helped us adapt it to our needs."

~ Ewa Deszynski, Executive Director of The Etobicoke Children's Centre, Mothercraft 2010 Annual Report

Current CYSIS agencies can connect directly to the CYSIS Support Centre.

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